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Dish Ends Calculator is used for Calculations of Pressure Vessels Heads Blank Diameter, Crown Radius, Knuckle Radius, Height and Weight of all types of pressure vessel heads such as Torispherical Head, Ellipsoidal Head and Hemispherical head.

Dish Ends Calculator is designed for Flat Head, 10% Torispherical Head, 2:1 Ellipsoidal Head, and Hemispherical Head. It is also applicable for Pressure Vessel End Caps, Dish Ends, Formed Heads and End Closure, etc.

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Terms Used in Dish Ends Calculator

Inside Diameter (ID) :

Inside Diameter of the Dish End is required for Blank Diameter Calculations. It is Denoted By ID in this calculator. This diameter is nothing but the shell inside diameter. Inside diameter is given in dish dimensions, if it’s not given then you can calculate the inside diameter by subtracting two thicknesses from the outside diameter. This calculator needs input in metric or mm.

Radius (R):

Radius R is required to give input while calculating Flat Head Blank Diameter Calculations. it is the corner Radius of the Flat dish. These dimensions need to provide in mm. These dimensions are available in a Flat dish drawing. Please Study the drawing before entering the Inputs.

Crown Radius (C.R) :

Crown Radius is the Radius of a large curve section of the dish ends. Crown radius is mostly applicable for Torispherical and Ellipsoidal Dish Ends. You don’t require to give this dimension as input it is calculated by this calculator. You can find this crown radius in the result section.

Knuckle Radius (K.R) :

Knuckle Radius is the radius of the smaller curve section of the dish ends. This Radius is applicable mostly in Torispherical and Ellipsoidal Dish Ends. You don’t require to give this dimension as input it is calculated by this calculator. You can find this Knuckle radius in the result section of the Torispherical and Ellipsoidal Dish Ends.

Straight Face (SF) :

Straight Face is Straight Section Height Provided in every Dish Ends to match with shell. This Length is given in the drawing. This Dimension is required to give as input for Dish Ends Blank Calculations. It is Denoted By SF in this calculator. This Dimension is applicable for every Dish ends.

Dish Ends Height (H) :

Dish Ends Height is given in the drawing. It does not require in input. It is calculated by the calculator. Dish Ends Height is Different for every dish type. Dish Ends Height is calculated in this calculator is of two types that is Height with Straight Face and Height Without Straight Face.

Dish Thickness (T) :

Dish thickness is the thickness of the blade. It is denoted by T. It does not play any role in Dish Ends Calculation or Blank Plate size calculation But it required for the calculation of Weight Dish Ends. It required to enter in mm.

Material Specific Gravity :

Material Specific Gravity is value is does not required in Dish Ends calculation but it is required to calculate the weight of the Dish ends or pressure vessel heads. You do not require to remember this value is because we have provided a list of standard material if you select material from this list it will automatically pick the value of material specific gravity value. If your Material is other than this list then only you required to enter the value for weight calculation if you don’t want to weight then you can enter zero in this field.

All the above terms are shown in the Standard image shown in the Input section. Please read the input data image for understanding input dimension notations and then input size carefully to get accurate layouting.

What are Types of Dish Ends Calculator Options are Available with Dish End Calculator

In this Dish Ends Calculator, we have the following Types of Options are available.

  1. Flat Dish Ends Calculator or Flat Pressure Vessel Heads Calculator
  2. Tori-spherical Dish Ends Calculator or Tori-spherical Pressure Vessel Heads Calculator
  3. Ellipsoidal Dish Ends Calculator or Ellipsoidal Pressure Vessel Heads Calculator
  4. Hemispherical Dish Ends Calculator or Hemispherical Pressure Vessel Heads Calculator
  5. Ellipsoidal Dish Ends Template Layout Calculator

How to Use this Dish Ends Calculator

  1. Firstly Navigate to the Dish Ends Calculator and Select Type of Dish End or Pressure Vessel Heads for Calculations.
  2. After Dish end Selection you have to Enter All the Input dimensions required for the Dish Ends Calculations.
  3. Select Input Dimensions Standarad Units from Unit selection pannel. if you are using inches as dimenions then please refer note below input selection to refere decimal factor selection chart.
  4. Input Segment of This Dish Ends Calculator has Each Dish Ends Standard Input Image Describing various notations used for input for the easy understanding meaning of notations.
  5. You have to Provide inputs as Dish Ends Inside Diameter (ID), Straight Face (SF), Dish End Thickness(T) to inputs fields.
  6. Select Material from the Material List if your Material is not available in the list then enter the value of specific gravity of your material in the specific gravity input field. if you select Material from the list then it automatically selects the value of specific gravity.
  7. Enter Quantity of Dish Ends for for Total Weight Calculations.
  8. When you Complete All Input Fields then simply click on the calculate button to get your result.
  9. If you left any input field empty then it will show you an error notification so if you are getting this notification then check all your empty fields and enter correct data to generate results.
  10. Output Data will be displayed after clicking on the Calculate button then it will show you output for Dish Ends Blank Plate Size, Crown Radius, Knuckle Radius, Height, and Weight.
  11. By using this Data you can mark directly on your fabrication sheet or plate for further processing of fabrication works.

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Why Should Use this Dish Ends Calculator

  1. Dish Ends Calculator is helpful for calculations of Blank Diameter, Crown Radius, Knuckle Radius, Height for all types of Dish ends.
  2. This Calculator is also helpful for the Weight of Dish Ends.
  3. You Can save the Cost of Material by using this calculator.
  4. You can Save Time on your Hole Marking process.
  5. An easy and Faster way to calculate Flange hole markings.
  6. You Can save the Cost of Material by using this calculator because it helps to Mark Dish Ends Blank Plate layout by using the minimum scrap principle so it shows the minimum size required for miter bend fabrication.

Application Area of Dish Ends Calculator

Dish Ends Calculator helps to Calculate all Data related to all types of Dish Ends or Pressure Vessel Heads. These Dish Ends are most widely used in Process Equipment Fabrication, Pressure Vessel Fabrications, other Fabrication Industry.

It is useful for Fabrication Engineer for Getting All Term related to Pressure Vessels End Caps, Pressure Vessel Heads or Pressure Vessels Dish Ends.

In this Calculator use can also Calculates Weight of Dish Ends for Different Types of Materials. Some of the materials are Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, brass , bronze, Copper, Lead etc. materials.

Blank Diameter calculated by This Tool is useful for Estimation and costing purpose. So that while Cutting Blank size of the above Dish End please consult with your head manufacture for desired Accuracy.

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