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Fabrication Flat Pattern

This App is helpful for Calculations of Fabrication Layout Development of ll Types of Shapes used in fabrication Such as All Pipe Branch Connections, All Types of Cones, All Types of Transition Piece, All Types of Petal Layouts, Miter Bend, Screw Flight etc.

Fabrication Calculator

Fabrication Calculator

One Tool for all your fabrication calculations such as All Fabrication Layouts, Dish ends Blank Diameter Calculations, Flange Hole Marking, Shell and Dish Nozzle Orientation Marker, Shell, Dish end internal / external or limpet Pipe Coil Length Calculator.

Our Apps page image for Fabrication Weight calculator app

Fabrication Weight Calculator

Fabrication Weight and Cost Calculations of most widely used Fabrication Shapes and Steel Sections Such as Plate, Pipe, Circle, Round, Tube, Shell, Dish End, Cone, Flange, Angle, Channel, Beam, Tee Section, Square Tube, Square Bar, Triangular Bar, Hexagonal Bar etc.

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Welding Weight Calculator

Calculate Welding Metal Weight, Welding Metal Cost, Welding Electrode Requirement, Welding Filler Metal Requirement of Various Types of Butt Weld and Fillet Weld Joints such as Square Butt Weld, Single Bevel Butt Weld, Double Bevel But Weld, Double Bevel Variable Angle Butt Weld, Single V Butt Weld, Double V Butt Weld, Double V Variable Angle Butt Weld and Fillet Weld etc.

Our Apps image used for Branch Pipe Layout app

Pipe Branch Layout

Branch Pipe Layout App build to Get Flat Pattern Layout or Fabrication Layout for Plain Pipe or Shell, Pipe to Pipe Intersection at 90 Deg with Equal Diameter, Pipe to Pipe Intersection at 90 Deg. with unequal Diameter with offset distance, Pipe or Nozzle to Cone Intersection at 90 Deg or Pipe or Nozzle to Cone Intersection with Parallel Axis.

our apps image used for cone layout calculator app

Cones Calculator

Cones Calculator App is used to calculates flat Pattern layouts developments of Full Cone, Half Cone , Truncated Cone,Concentric Cone, Frustum Cone, Eccentric Cone, Tori Cone, Multi-level Concentric Cones, Multi-level eccentric Cones, Cone with Knuckles. It is for All types of Cone and Conical Shape used in Fabrication Pressure Vessels, Heat Ex-changers and storage Tank.

our apps for transition layout

Transition Layouts

This app is design to Square to Round or Rectangular to Round shape, Round to Square or Round to Rectangular Shape, Pyramid Shape, Truncated Pyramid Shape layouts Development for fabrication purpose. This app has three options for development 1 Part or 1, Joint layout or 2 Part or 2 Joint layouts or 4 Part or 4 Joints Layouts.

our apps image used for screw flight app

Screw Flight Layout

This App is Design to make handy Calculation of Screw Flight development. This app gives Flat pattern Size for Cutting Blank plate for development or fabrication of Screw flight. This app is very useful for those who are working in the field of Screw Conveyor or Ribbon Blender fabrication. This app also includes additional Element of Radial Cut Required for flight Layout.

pressure vessels heads or Dish Ends Calculator

Pressure Vessels Heads

This app is very helpful for Calculation of Blank Diameter, Weight,Crown Radius, Knucle Radius,Height etc for Various Types of Pressure Vessel heads such as Torispherical Head, ellipsoidal head and Hemispherical Head. This Application is Also Used to Calculate Template Layout Marking for 2:1 Ellipsoidal Dish ends for Pressure Vessels.

miter bend layout in our apps

Miter Bend Layout

This app is build to Generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking of Miter Bend, Segment Bend, Cut Bend Fabricated Bend used in fabrication, Piping, Ducting and Insulation Field. This app is very useful for all working professionals in the Field of Fabrication of Piping, Ducting and Aluminium Insulation.

flange hole marker in our apps

Flange Hole Marker

This App Calculate Flange Hole Dividing Hole Marking for Equispaced Flange Holes, Flange Holes at any angle and Equivalent No. of Holes.

asme material and electrode in our apps

ASME Materials and Electrodes

This app is Build to get easy and tools for knowing AMSE or ASTM Material Specification, AWS Electrodes Specification of All most commonly Used in Fabriction Fields.In This App Carbon Steel,Low Carbon Steel, alloy Steels, stainless Steel, Ni Steel, Non ferrous Steels Material and all sub types of material Specification and their welding electrode specifications are available.

our apps for petal layout

Petal Layout

This app calculates Sphere, Hemispherical Head or Hemi Head, Dish End Petal type layout Development required in plate or sheet metal lay-outing used for fabrication. it is also called Flat pattern development of Sphere or Hemispherical Heads.

our apps for pump power calculation

Pump Power

This app is very handy and useful for calculation Pump Power requirement Such as Pump Power Calculator, Pump Flow Rate calculator, Pump Head Calculator. In this app you can calculate Hydraulic power, Shaft power, Motor Power. All Calculation is for Centrifugal Types of Pumps.

our apps for belt length calculator

Belt Length Calculator

This app is helpful for calculating required length of belt of Drive system.In this app Open belt arrangement & Cross belt arrangement Length of Belt is Calculated.You can calculate length of belt in simple and easier way.

tank volume calculations

Tank Volume Calculator

This App is developed to Calculate Horizontal and Vertical Tank Partial Volume, Full Volume with Flat Head, Torispherical Head, Hemispherical Head, Ellipsoidal Head. it is useful for calculating Volume of Storage Tank, Pressure Vessel and other Process Equipments.

pipe coil diameter

Pipe Coil Development

This App Calculate Limpet Coil Layout Development, Shell Limpet Coil Length, Dish End Limpet Coil Length, Internal / External Pipe Coil Length. It is also useful for Half Pipe Coil Jacket Length Calculation and Half Pipe Jacket Coil Length on Dish Ends and Shell.

arc calculator

Arc Calculators

This app is used to Calculate Arc Length, Arc Angle, Arc Radius, Arc Cord, Arc Depth, Arc Tangent, Arc Segment Area, Arc Sector Area etc.

pressure vessel thickness calculator

Pressure Vessels Thickness

This App build to Calculate Design Thickness and Nominal Thickness for Shell, Hemi Heads, Tori Heads, Ellipsoidal Heads and Conical of Pressure Vessels as per ASME Section VIII Div 1 Codes

agitator power calculations

Agitator Design Calculator

This App Used for Agitator Design Calculations or Mixer Design Calculations. In this App Agitator Power Requirement Calculations for all types of Blades of Agitation, Agitator Shaft Diameter Calculation, Agitator Shaft Design Checking for Critical Speed and Elastic Limits for Design Safety, Stuffing Box Design Calculations re available in one simple Tool so that Designer can do handy Calculation on any time anywhere.

screw conveyor calculator

Screw Conveyor Calculator

This app build to calculate Screw Conveyor Capacity, Conveyor Speed and Screw Conveyor Power Requirement.

heat ex-changer

Heat Exchanger Area

This app is used to Calculate Required Surface area of tubular Heat Ex-changers and No. of Tubes Required for Desired Heat Exchange is calculated in this app.

plate bending calculator

Sheet Bending Calculator

This app is build to calculate bending allowance, bending deduction, Plate or Sheet size required for bending.

nozzle orientation marker

Nozzle Orientation Marker

This is used for Nozzle Orientation Marking Calculator for Shell and Dish ends Nozzles. This App is developed for easy, fast and simple use of this calculator while Nozzle marking on Pressure vessel, tank or any other shell.

duct calculator

Duct Calculator

This App Build to Calculate Duct Size of Rectangular and Round Duct by Using CFM and FPM. It is also Calculates Air Flow Velocity in FPM and Air Flow Rate in CFM for Round and Rectangular Ducts.

hydrotest pressure calculator

Hydrotest Calculator

This app is build to calculate Hydro-test pressure required for Pressure vessel and piping system.

specific gravity

Specific Gravity

This app is build to Know about specific Gravity value of all types of metal,liquids,gases and other miscellaneous solids.

Our Apps :

We are team of Working Professionals in the field of fabrication. we are continuously working to Digitize Fabrication Techniques. We had developed many Apps for Android and iOS Devices that can be used in daily activity of fabrication.

Benefits of Our Apps : 

  1. Increase Accuracy of Fabrication Works.
  2. Save Time for Fabrication Calculation.
  3. Save Cost Fabrication Material.
  4. Increase Efficiency of Fabrication Works.
  5. Work from anywhere anytime.

Our Apps will be help you to increase productivity of fabrication work by minimizing various calculation time in your day to day fabrication activity. we have developed our apps according to various fabrication requirements. We had Tested our Apps on various computerized tools and also by performing practical work in fabrication works shops. All Ours Apps are developed by experience professionals in field of pressure vessels, heat ex-changer, storage tanks, agitator/mixers, piping, structures, conveying equipment’s and other process equipment fabrication Industry. Our Apps are useful to all professionals working in the Field of fabrication apart from the fabrication apps we also provide educations in the field of fabrication. we offers various online video course to enhance your skills and knowledge in fabrication field if you want to learn more about our courses then click here.