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Miter Bend Layout Calculator App By Let’sFab

Miter Bend Layout Calculator is used to generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking or fabrication layout of Miter Bend, Segment Bend, Cut Bend Fabricated Bend.

This App used in fabrication, Piping, Ducting and Insulation Field. This app is very useful for all working professionals in the Field of Fabrication of Piping, Ducting and Aluminium Insulation.

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Miter Bend Layout calculator App is helpful for layout marking calculation, Raw Plate Size Calculation and Weight of Miter Bend Calculation.

You Can save Cost of Material by using this app because it helps to developed miter bend layout by using minimum scrap principle so its show minimum size required for miter bend fabrication.

How To Use Miter Bend Layout Calculator App :

  1. First Install Our App in your Android or Apple Device and Launch the App on your device.
  2. It will show an initial welcome screen with a progress bar after completing 100% of the progress bar it will take you to Home Page of the Miter Bend Layout Calculator App.
  3. Home Page of the App Display Input Requirement for the Miter Bend Layout Calculator App.
  4. Input Segment of App has Miter Bend Standard Image Describing various notations used for input for the easy understanding meaning of notations.
  5. You have to Provide inputs as Bend Diameter (d), Bend Radius (R), Bending Angle (θ), No. of Parts (P) to inputs fields.
  6. Below The Input Field, Section One More Section is Available for Select No. of Development lines in which layout marking should be generated. There is some Standard Option such as 12 Nos, 24 Nos, 36 Nos, 48 Nos, 72 Nos, 96 Nos are Available in App you Can Select any Option as per your requirements.
  7. If you have to generate layout marking other than standard development lines then you can directly enter no. of development lines you have to use by imputing value in the Development line(N) input field.
  8. When you Complete All Input Fields and Select development lines then simply click on the calculate button to get your result.
  9. If you left any input field empty then it will show you error notification so if you are getting this notification then check all your empty field and enter correct data to generate results.
  10. Output page will be opened after clicking the Calculate button then it will show you output layout development marking for Miter Bend and layout development Standard image for Miter Bend Flat Pattern for understanding cutting layout.
  11. Initially this calculator Display Miter Bend Flat Pattern layout for ends part and if you want to see layout marking for Middle Part then there is Button available on Top of the Output Page to display layout markings of middle parts of miter bend layout.
  12. Result Page of the Miter Bend layout Shows Miter angle and Raw Plate Size at Top of the Page and Layout Marking Dimensions for all development lines are shown below the Standard Output image.
  13. By using this Layout marking you can mark directly on your fabrication sheet or plate for further processing of fabrication works.
  14. When you finish your layout then you can exit this app by back pressing on the home page it shows you a notification for confirmation then exit this app if you are sure to exit the app.

We Recommend our user that if you are planning mark layout on plate before rolling process then you should give input diameter should be of mean diameter for higher accuracy or if you are planning to mark layout directly on pipe or outside of the pipe after rolling then you can use input diameter should be outside diameter for Higher accuracy and better workmanship of fabrication.

You must have to select optimal development lines for generating layout because development lines are directly affect accuracy and time of lay outing miter bend, If you select more no of development lines then it will give more accuracy but required more time for marking layout on plate or if you select less no. of development lines then it will give you less accuracy but required less time for marking layout so you have to select such no of development lines that should not affect more on accuracy but also required less time.

This app is very useful for those who are working in fabrication of Pipelines, HVAC Ducting and Aluminium Insulation Industry.

please note that Cutting allowance are not included in this app so please add your cutting allowance as per your Requirement.

it is best Suitable for Cut Bends, Segment Bends, fabricated Bend, Miter Bend etc.

It is useful for Fabrication Industry, Process Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Ducting manufacturing Industry, Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry, Insulation Industry.

This app is very useful in daily fabrication activity for lay outing transition piece. this app is help you to save your time of fabrication and save cost of fabrication. it also helps to increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity of your fabrication works.

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Imran Pinjara

Author of Book " Master in Fabrication Layout Development " Published worldwide. Founder and CEO of Let'sFab Educational Services. More than 8 Years of Professional Experience in Field of Pressure Vessel, Heat Ex changer, Storage Tanks, Piping and other Process Equipment Fabrication Industry. He had worked in many Fabrication Industry from small workshop to MNC Company. He had Completed PGDM in Process Piping Design and Engineering as per ASME B31.3 and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.