Our Calculators :

miter bend layout in our apps

Miter Bend Calculator

Miter Bend Calculator is used to generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking or Fabrication layout of Miter Bend, Segment Bend, Cut Bend or Fabricated Bend.

our apps image used for screw flight app

Screw Flight Calculator

Screw Flight Calculator is used to generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking or Fabrication layout of Screw Flight of Conveyor.

pressure vessels heads or Dish Ends Calculator

Dish End Blank Calculator

Dish End Blank Calculator is used to Calculate Dish End Blank Dameter, Crown Radius, Knucle Radius, Height and weight of all types of Dish ends Such as Tori, Ellipsoidal, Hemi etc.

Our Apps image used for Branch Pipe Layout app

Branch Pipe Calculator

Branch Pipe Calculator is used to generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking or Fabrication layout of all types of pipe branch connections

our apps image used for cone layout calculator app

Cone Calculator

Cons Calculator is used to generate Flat Pattern Layout Marking or Fabrication layout of all types of cones such as Full cone, Half Cone, Turncated Cone, Eccentric Cone, Multilevel cone and Toricone etc..

our apps for transition layout

Transition Calculator

Transition Calculator is used calculate fabrication layout or Flat Pattern Layout of all types of transition shapes

flange hole marker in our apps

Flange Hole Calculator

Flange Hole Calculator used to calculate Flange Hole Dividing Hole Marking for Equispaced Flange Holes, Flange Holes at any angle and Equivalent No. of Holes.

Nozzle Orientation Calculator

Nozzle Orientataion Calculatore used to calculate Nozzle Orientation Marking distance for Shell and Dish ends Nozzles.

our apps for petal layout

Petal Calculator

Petal Layout Calculator is used to calculate fabrication flat pattern layout of Sphere and Hemi-spherical dish ends.

pipe coil diameter

Pipe Coil Length Calculator

Pipe Coil Length Calculator used to calculate helical pipe coil length, shell limpet coil length and dih end pipe coil length.

plate bending calculator

Sheet Bending Calculator

Sheet Bending Calculatore used to calculate Sheet Bending length calcutions.

heat ex-changer

Heat Exchanger Area Calculator

Heat Exchanger Area Calculator is used to calculate heat exchange surface area calculations.

Tube expansion procedure

Tube Expansion Calculator

Tube Expansion Calculator used to calculate pecentage of thinning or percentage of expansion.

screw conveyor calculator

Screw Conveyor Calculator

Screw Conveyor Calculatore used to calculate Screw conveyor Power, Screw Conveyor Speed and Screw Conveyor Capacity.

our apps for pump power calculation

Pump Power Calculator

Pump Power Calculator is used to calculate Pump Capacity, Pump Power and Pump Head calculations.

pressure vessel thickness calculator

Pressure Vessel Thickness Calculator

Pressure Vessel Thickness calculator is used to calculate shell thickness, cone thickness, torispherical head thickness, hemispherial thickness and ellipsoidal head thickness.

arc calculator

Arc Calculator

Arc Calculator is used to calculate Arc radius, Arc Length, Arc Angle, Arc Tangent, Arc Sector and Arc segment Calculations.

our apps for belt length calculator

Belt Length Calculator

Belt Length Calculator is used to calculate length of belt in Open belt arrangment and cross belt arrangment.

Our Calculators :

We are a team of Working Professionals in the field of fabrication. we are continuously working to Digitize Fabrication Techniques. We are developing all useful online web calculators for fabrication community that can be used in the daily activity of fabrication.

Benefits of Our Calculators : 

  1. Free and Easy to Use.
  2. Increase Accuracy of Fabrication Works.
  3. Save Time for Fabrication Calculation.
  4. Save Cost Fabrication Material.
  5. Increase Efficiency of Fabrication Works.
  6. Work from anywhere anytime.

Our Online Calculators will help you to increase the productivity of fabrication work by minimizing various calculation time in your day to day fabrication activity. we have developed our apps according to various fabrication requirements. We had Tested our Calculators on various computerized tools and also by performing practical work in fabrication works shops. All Ours Calculators are developed by experienced professionals in the field of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks, agitator/mixers, piping, structures, conveying equipment’s and other process equipment fabrication Industry. Our Calculators are useful to all professionals working in the Field of fabrication apart from the fabrication Calculators we also provide educations in the field of fabrication. we offer various online video courses to enhance your skills and knowledge in the fabrication field if you want to learn more about our courses then click here.