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Master In Pressure Vessels Heads eBook

In this book you will learn Fabrication Layout development of All types of Shapes used in fabrications such as Pipe or Shell or Cylinder Layout Development, Truncated Pipe Layout Development, Pipe to Pipe Intersection with Equal Diameters, Pipe to Pipe Intersection with Unequal Diameters, Pipe to Pipe Intersection with Offset Centers, Pipe to Cone Intersection Perpendicular to Axis, Pipe to Cone Intersection Parallel to Axis, Full Cone Layout Development, Truncated Cone Layout Development, Multilevel Cone Layout Development, Eccentric Cone Layout Development, Multilevel Eccentric Cone Layout Development, Tori Cone with Knuckle Radius at Large End, Tori Cone with Knuckle Radius at Both Ends, Square to Round or Rectangular to Round Layout, Round to Square or Round to Rectangular Layout, Pyramid Layout Development, Truncated Pyramid Layout Development, Sphere Petal Layout Development, Dish Ends Petal Layout Development, Miter Bend Layout Development, Screw Flight Layout Development.

Our Book for Fabrication Layout

Fabrication Layout Development By Numerical Method

This book has explained very easy method for development of various shapes used in fabrication such as Cone,Eccentric Cone,Rectangular to Round,Screw, Miter or Segment Bend, Cylindrical Shape, Screw Flight by using both Numerical and Graphical Method for Faster lay outing.This Concept of Fabrication Layout helps you to Increase your Accuracy of Fabrication Works, Increase your Efficiency by Making Fabrication Layout Process Faster and Easy and Save your time of Fabrication Layout by shifting you to use numerical tools for layout development or numerical calculation method of Layout so that you will not require to draw layout actually on plate or on Auto Cad by Geometrical Method. We had explained fabrication layouts development methods in very detailed and simple way so that you can learn whole lay-outing process in easy and faster way. We had explained both Geometrical and Numerical Methods of Fabrication Layout of all Shapes and also take one practical Example of each Fabrication layout Shapes so that you can learn how to use our method to get final fabrication layout. We had provided detailed explanations in step by step method with descriptive images of each step so that you can learn quickly. 

Agitator Design Book

Concept of Design For Agitator/Mixer

This book is for acquiring knowledge of designing a Agitator or Mixer. This Book explains Mechanical Design Process of Agitator with example of Designing a agitator,Flow patterns in agitator, Geometrical Relations for various types of agitator Impeller,Selection of agitator on the basis of Viscosity of fluids,Power Curves for Various Impeller for Calculation of Power Number to Calculate Power required for agitation by using Dimensionless equation of power number. This book gives you Overall Guideline of mechanical agitation process for better Understanding.

Our Books :

We are Let’sFab Educational Services provide education in the field of Fabrication of Process Equipment’s such as Pressure Vessels, Heat Ex-changer, Storage Tank, Agitator/Mixer, Piping, Structures, Conveying equipment’s and other process equipment’s. We have published three books worldwide in the form of both eBook and Paperback format.

Let’sFab is Team of Working Professionals in the Field of Fabrication. We are Continiously Working To Digitize Fabrication Techniques. We had Developed many Digital Product such as eBooks, Video Courses, Excel Utilities, Android Mobile Applications, iOS Mobile Applications and Software that can be used in daily activity of fabrication Engineer with simple, efficient and faster-way.

We are also provide education in the field of fabrication by offering various online video courses to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of fabrication. if you want to learn more about our courses the click here.