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Agitator Design Calculator app is used to calculate Agitator Power, Agitator Shaft Diameter, Stuffing Box Design calculation. In this app agitation power requirement for all types of Blades is calculated and it also used for Agitator Shaft Design Checking for Critical Speed and Elastic Limits for Design Safety.

This app is helpful for all agitator design calculations in one simple Tool so that the Designer can do handy Calculations on any time anywhere.

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This App is Useful for those who are working in Process Equipment Manufacturing and Agitation and Mixing Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

In this App Following Agitator Design Calculators are Available :

  1. Agitator Power Calculator.
  2. Agitator Shaft Diameter Calculator.
  3. Agitator Shaft Design Checker.
  4. Stuffing Box Design Calculator.

In This App Following Blades Options Are Available for Agitator Design Calculator:

  1. Straight Blades with 2 Nos, 4 Nos and 6 Nos Leafs to Each Blade
  2. Pitched Blades with 2 Nos, 4 Nos and 6 Nos Leafs to Each Blade
  3. Curved Blades
  4. Disc Type Blades
  5. Anchor Blades
  6. Propeller Blades
  7. Hydrofoils Blades.

How to Use the Agitator Design Calculator:

Agitator Power Calculator: This Calculator is useful for Agitation Power Requirement Calculation. In this tool, you have to enter input as Agitator Sweep Diameter in mm, Agitator Speed in RPM, Content Material Density in Kg/m3, and No. of Agitator on one Shaft in Vessel.

After selection of Agitator Blade Types from the list and Press Calculate Button to Generate Result Output. in Output Page you will get results as Power of Agitation in HP, Gland loss in HP, and Transmission Loss in HP and Total Power Requirement for Agitator in HP. In this Calculator Gland Loss are assumed as 10% and Transmission loss as 20% of the Power of Agitation

Agitator Shaft Diameter Calculator: This tool is used for Calculating Shaft Diameter for Transmitting Desired Power Requirement for Agitation Process. In this Calculator you have to give input as Total Power of Agitation in HP, Agitator Speed in RPM and Shaft Material Permissible Shear Stress in N/mm2,

After all, inputs click on Calculate Button to Get Shaft Diameter then Popup Notification is highlighted with Desired Shaft Diameter in mm. and after dismissing this notifier Design Checking for Critical Speed and Elastic Limit Option is Open.

Agitator Shaft Design Checker: This tool is used for Checking Shaft Diameter Safety to withstand required Designed Conditions by Verifying it on the Basis of Critical Speed and Material Elastic Limit for Material Safety.

In this Design Checker Option, First Design is Check Shaft Diameter for Material strength by Checking Condition as Calculated elastic limits should be less than Material Permissible Elastic Limits then Design is Safe if it not Satisfy this Condition you have to Increase Shaft Diameter and recheck again.

if Shaft Diameter Satisfy First Condition then it is Check for Critical Speed Condition. in this Design Condition it is Checked that Critical Speed of the Shaft Should be in the range of 40 % to 65 % of the Actual Speed. If Shaft does not satisfy this condition then you have to again increase shaft diameter and recheck again.

If Shaft satisfies this condition design is Safe. In this tool, you have to enter Shaft Diameter in mm, Material Elastic Limit in N/mm2, Agitator Sweep Diameter in mm, Modulus of Elasticity in N/mm2 and Agitator Shaft Overhang length in mm and then click on calculate button to check Design conditions.

Stuffing Box Design: This Tool is used to Calculate Stuffing Box Dimension to withstand internal pressure and material stress and Calculate Stud Diameter Calculations.

In this Tool you have to enter Internal Pressure in N/mm2, Shaft Diameter in mm, Permissible stress for Stuffing Box Material in N/mm2, No of Studs, and Permissible Stress for Stud Material then it will give result as S.B ID, OD, Thickness and Stud Diameter.

Agitator Design Calculator

Click here to Download this App for Android Devices.

Click here to Download this App for Apple Devices.

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