Basics of Process Piping Design and Engineering

What is Mean By Code?

It consist of Standard or Rule for Deign,Fabrication,Installation,Inspection,Testing of Industrial process plants.

What is Mean By Standards?

It is a group of Rules prepared by professional group of people for the Design,Manufacturing and pressure Integrity of the components.

Use of standards is responsibility of users but code has to followed as Mandatory requirement.

Codes – It is applicable For all Piping system.

Standards- It is applicable for Individual Components of Piping System.

Some Piping Codes:

  1. B31.1 – Power Piping
  2. B31.3 – Process Piping
  3. B31.4 – Liquid Piping
  4. B31.5 – HVAC Piping
  5. B31.8 – Gas Piping

Major Organizations for Standards:

1U.S.AAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineer/ American Nationals StandardsASME/ANSI
2CANADAStandards Committee of CanadaSCC
3EUROPECommittee of European NormalizationEN/CEN
4BRITAINBritish Standards InstituteBS/BSI
5FRANCEAssociation of FranciaiseAFNOR
6GERMANYDeustche Institute of NormalizationDIN
7JAPANJapanese Industrial Standardization CommitteeJISC
8INDIABureau of Indian StandardsIS/BIS
9WORLDOrganization for International StandardISO

Principals of Piping Engineering

  1. Safety : The piping system design,fabricated,installed and Inspected should be safe.
  2. Construct-ability : The piping system design and fabrication Should be construct table.
  3. Operation-ability : The piping system design and fabrication Should also be operable.
  4. Maintainability : The piping system design and fabrication Should also be Maintainable.
  5. Economy : The piping system design and fabrication Should also be economical.

Types of piping projects:

  1. Greenfield project : it is Completely new piping project.
  2. brownfield project : it is replacing the plant and reconstruction of the piping system.

Piping software:

  1. 2D software : AutoCAD, Microstation
  2. 3D software : PDMS , PDS, SP 3D, Auto Plan
  3. Stress analysis software : CAESAR – II
  4. Review software : SPR , Nasivwork

Imran Pinjara

Author of Book " Master in Fabrication Layout Development " Published worldwide. Founder and CEO of Let'sFab Educational Services. More than 8 Years of Professional Experience in Field of Pressure Vessel, Heat Ex changer, Storage Tanks, Piping and other Process Equipment Fabrication Industry. He had worked in many Fabrication Industry from small workshop to MNC Company. He had Completed PGDM in Process Piping Design and Engineering as per ASME B31.3 and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

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