What is ASME Section IX and its Overview of subsections for Welding and welder qualification process of WPS PQR WPQ

What is ASME Section IX:

ASME Section IX Code is set of rules, guidelines, and requirements for Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications. It is a reference code that helps for BPVC Construction Codes for Qualifications of Welder or Welding Operator, Brazer or Brazing Operator, and Fuser or Fusing Operator.

Subsections of ASME Section IX

  1. Part QG – General Requirements
  2. Part QW – Welding
  3. Part QB – Brazing
  4. Part QF – Fusing
  5. Mandatory Appendix
  6. Non-Mandatory Appendix

Now, we see the rules, guidelines and requirement s for welding and welder qualification as per ASME Section IX, out of above-listed subsections Part QG and Part QW are only related to welding qualification process. So that we will discuss Part QG and Part QW in Details.

Part QG – General Requirements for Welding, Brazing, and Fusing

In this part consist of all the general requirement that are required to follow for Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualification. Those requirements which are particularly applicable to only one process that is explained in their individual general requirement article. Part QG consist of the following subsections:

  • QG 101 – Procedure Specifications
  • QG 102 – Procedure Qualification Records
  • QG 103 – Performance Qualification
  • QG 104 – Performance Qualification Records
  • QG 105 – Variables
  • QG 106 – Organisational Responsibilities
  • QG 107 – Ownership Transfers
  • QG 108 – Qualifications Made to previous Editions.
  • QG 109 – Definitions

In above subsections Variable (QG 105) and Organisational Responsibilities (QG 106) can be further subdivided into following subsections:

QG 105 – Variables:

  • QG 105.1 – Essential Variables for Procedure
  • QG 105.2 – Essential Variables for Performance
  • QG 105.3 – Supplementary Variables
  • QG 105.4 – Non-Essential variables
  • QG 105.5 – Special Process Variables
  • QG 105.6 – Applicability

QG 106 – Organisational Responsibility:

  • QG 106.1 – Organisational Responsibilities for Procedure Qualifications
  • QG 106.2 – Organisational Responsibilities for Performance Qualifications
  • QG 106.3 – Organisational Responsibilities for simultaneous Performance Qualifications

Now, we will see second major part of ASME Section IX which is particularly applicable to Welding and Welder Qualifications.

Part QW – Welding

Part QW is consist of all requirement related to Welding and Welder qualifications only. it is further sub divided in to five article listed below:

  • Article 1 – Welding General Requirements
  • Article 2 – Welding Procedure Qualification
  • Article 3 – Welding Performance Qualification
  • Article 4 – Welding Data
  • Article 5 – Standard Procedure Specification

ASME Section IX uses WPS, PQR, and WPQ Documents or forms are used for welding procedures qualifications, welding performance qualifications, and welder performance qualifications.

  • WPS – Welding Procedure Specifications
  • PQR – Procedure Qualification Records
  • WPQ – Welder Performance Qualifications

If you want learn what is WPS, PQR, and WPQ in detailed then click here

WPS – This document or form specify Essential variables, Non-Essential variables, Supplementary variables, and other Variable ranges, etc.

PQR – This Document or form records Actual Variables Data, Test Data and Results Data, etc.

WPQ – This Documents or form record Actual Variables Data, Qualification Ranges, Test Data, and Results Data.

Now we will see summery of QW Part Welding Article in short.

Article 1: Welding General Requirements QW-100

This Article covers Welding General Requirements for Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Performance Qualification Records (PQR) and Welding Performance Qualification (WPQ) under the scope of ASME Section IX.

Article 2: Welding Procedure Qualification QW-200

This Article Covers Rules, Guidelines and Requirements for Welding Procedure Qualifications. It helps to prepare WPS and PQR.

This Section Listed All Essential Variables, Non-Essential Variables, and Supplementary Variables Each Welding Process Separately. This Article helps to Specify a range of Essential Variables, Non-Essential Variables, and Supplementary Variables while preparation of WPS. As per ASME Section IX WPS form is used to specify ranges of these all variables and PQR form is used to record the value of each Essential Variables, Non-Essential Variables, and Supplementary Variables.

Article 2: Welding Performance Qualification QW-300

This Article Covers Rules, Guidelines and Requirements for Welder or Welding Operator Performance Qualifications. It helps to prepare WPQ forms.

This Article provides list of Essential variables for Welding Performance qualifications. WPQ forms must record a value for each essential variable used and must list a range qualified for each of these essential variables. This Article covers responsibility, type of tests, records, welder identification, positions for Welder Performance Qualifications. Welder and Welding Operator can qualified by interpreting and recording results of Destructive and Non-destructive Tests.

Article IV – Welding Data QW-400

This Article Covers All Welding Data required and used for preparation of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Performance Qualification Records (PQR), Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ).

This Article includes following Welding Data :

  • Joints
  • Base Materials
  • Filler Materials
  • Positions
  • Preheat
  • Post weld Heat Treatment
  • Gas
  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Technique

This Article also covers P-Number, F-Number and A-Number for Joining Materials and Welding Materials. This Article covers Maximum Qualification Limits of Thickness and Diameters for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualifications and also includes Qualification Positions for Welding and Welder Performance Qualifications.

Article 5 – Standard Procedure Specification

This Article covers rules, guidelines, and requirements for the adoption, demonstration, and application of the Standard Welding Procedure Specifications, (SWPSs).

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