Branch Pipe Calculator

Branch Pipe Calculator is used to get Flat Pattern Layout or Fabrication Layout for Pipe or Shell, Truncated Pipe one End, Truncated Pipe at Both Ends, Truncated Pipe By Radius, Pipe to Pipe Intersection with Equal Diameters, Pipe to pipe Intersection with Unequal Diameters, Pipe to Pipe Intersection with offset center, Pipe to Cone Intersection at perpendicular to axis and pipe to cone intersection at parallel to the axis.

This calculator is also used to Layout Branch pipe to Pipe, 90 Degree Tee, Equal Tee, Unequal Tee, 90 Degree Pipe Connections, Radial pipe Nozzles, Axial pipe nozzles,  Pipe Branch Cutting, Pipe tee Branch, Pipe Y Formation, and it is based on the Pipe branch Cutting formula.

Branch Pipe Calculator

Branch Pipe Calculator

Select Pipe Branch Types :

Note : Please Enter Mean Diameter (D). E.g Diameter (D) = ID + Thickness or D = OD - Thickness

Terms Used in Branch Pipe Calculator

Main Pipe Diameter (D) : 

Main Pipe Diameter is Pipe on which branch pipe is attached. The diameter of this Main Pipe is called the Main pipe Diameter. It is also called Header Pipe Diameter. It is denoted by D. When you are looking for a flat pattern of Plain Pipe or Shell then use Mean Diameter in this field to get the exact result. When you are developing a branch pipe connection then Use outer diameter if you are planning to mark layout directly on the pipe. if you are planning to mark layout on a flat plate then use Mean Diameter in the Input field so that you can get an accurate result. This calculator accepts metric dimensions so please enter your value in mm.

Branch Pipe Diameter (d) :

Branch pipe Diameter nothing but the diameter of the pipe attached to the Main Pipe or Header Pipe. It is denoted By d. Branch Diameter is required while layout branch connection with unequal diameters. While Generating Flat Pattern Layout Keep in Mind that if you are planning to mark layout directly on the pipe the use outside diameter of a branch pipe to get an exact result if you are planning to mark layout on a flat plate or raw plate before rolling then use mean diameter of the branch pipe. This calculator accepts metric dimensions so please enter your value in mm.

Height (H) :

Height is required while layout flat pattern. It can be the height of the Plain Pipe or the Height of the Cone. It is required to enter a value in the input field whenever it is denoted in the Standard Input Image. 

Truncated Angle (α) :

Truncated angle is noting but the angle on which pipe is cut along the plane. It is denoted by α. This angle is required during layout truncated pipe layout. whenever this calculator asks for this angle then it can be entered in Degrees to get your result. 

Center to End Dimension (E) :

Center to End Dimension is measure from the Main or Header pipe center to the Branch pipe End Face. It is denoted by E. It required while layout pipe to pipe intersections or Pipe branch Connections at 90 Degree. This calculator accepts metric dimensions so please enter your value in mm.

Offset Center Distance (O) :

This is measured offset distance between center of main or header pipe and center of branch pipe on top view. It is required while layout branch pipe connection with offset centers. This calculator accepts metric dimensions so please enter your value in mm.

No. of Development Lines (N) :

No. of Development lines are a very important input field in this calculator. It is the no. of equal division lines for flat pattern layout marking. It is required to give this input in every layout. No. of development lines play a very important role in the accuracy of the layout so optimum no of development lines are needed to select. We always recommend users give this value in multiples of four such as  12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, etc.

All the above terms are shown in the Standard image shown in the Input section. Please read the input data image for understanding input dimension notations and then input size carefully to get an accurate Flat Pattern layout.

How to Use Branch Pipe Calculator

  1. Firstly Navigate to the  Branch Pipe Calculator and Select the Type of Branch Pipes Connections option from the list for Flat Pattern Layout Calculations.
  2.  After Branch Pipe Types Selection you have to Enter All the Input dimensions required for this Flat Pattern Calculations.
  3. Input Segment of This Web Calculator has Each Branch Pipe Connections Standard Image Describing various notations used for input for the easy understanding meaning of notations.
  4. You have to Provide inputs as per standard input image in the inputs fields to generate layout.
  5. Enter No. of Development lines for Flat Pattern Layout Select Value as multiples of four such as 12, 24, 36, 48, 96, etc.
  6. When you Complete All Input Fields then simply click on the calculate button to get your result.
  7. If you left any input field empty then it will show you an error notification so if you are getting this notification then check all your empty fields and enter correct data to generate results.
  8. Output Data will be displayed after clicking on the Calculate button then it will show you output as Standard Output Image and Marking Dimensions Length for Flat Pattern Layout.
  9. By using this Data you can mark directly on your fabrication sheet or plate for further processing of fabrication works.

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Why Should Use Branch Pipe Calculator

  1. Branch Pipe Calculator is helpful for Generating Flat Pattern Layout of Pipe to Pipe Branch Connections, Pipe to Cone Intersections.
  2. This Calculator gives a complete solution to all types of pipe branch connections.
  3. You Can save the Cost of Material by using this calculator.
  4. You can Save Time on your Fabrication Layouting process.
  5. An easy and Faster way to layout branch pipe flat pattern.

Application Area of Branch Pipe Calculator

Branch Pipe Layout calculator is a widely used Tool for Fabrication of Piping Spools, Pressure Vessels, Pipelines, and other Process equipment where Pipe Branched Connection reused.

It is helpful for Piping Engineer, Fabrication Engineers, Pipe Fitters, fabrication Fitters, Production Engineers, Quality Engineers, Costing and Estimating Engineers, Auto Cad Engineers, Design Engineers in the Field of Fabrication of Process equipments.

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