Fabrication Layout Development of Full Cone by Geometrical & Numerical Method with Example

Full cone development is most useful in fabrication of storage tank fabrication and some other vessel which are used for easy discharge of material from bottom outlet by utilizing gravity effect of the earth.
So in this post we will discuss all the terms related to development of cone for lay outing same on to the plates and cutting out the cutting profile by gas Cutting or any other means the formed in conical shapes by pressing it on to the point press machine.
Whenever we use development calculation for any shapes it necessary to develop the layout using mean dimensions so that our required shape could be made in perfect size. If we are not use mean dimension in calculation of layout then it has variation in sizes after pressing.

In this post we will discuss both Geometrical and Numerical method with practical example:

Geometrical or Graphical Method of Full Cone Layout:

Steps for Layout development:

1. Draw the Top View & elevation View of cone for which we have to lay outing as shown in figure1.1.

2. Set up the divider is equal to slant height of cone as shown in figure 1.2 and draw the Circle equal to radius of circle.

3. Divide base circle of cone into many equal part as per desired accuracy as shown in figure1.4.

4. Set up small divider equal to base circle part as shown in figure1.4.

5. Mark the point on circle which are draw as per step no 2 and equal no. of part that divide for base circle as shown in figure1.5

6. Connect all the point marked in above steps as shown in figure 1.6.

7. Cut out profile as per figure no 1.6 by gas cutting or any other means and use it for further process of fabrication.

so, All above steps are used for full cone layout development by graphical method.

Numerical Method for Full Cone Layout Development:

D = Base Diameter of Cone.
r = Base radius of the Cone.
R= Slant Height of Cone or Development of Cone.
γ= Included angle of Cone.
β= Development angle of Cone profile.

R= r / cos (γ);
β= (r / R)*360;

So, we can use this calculated value for marking of Cone on flat Plate and required plate can be cut by gas cutting methods or any other means for cutting of required profile and cone cane formed from this plate by point press or any other suitable forming method.
This method of development widely used in fabrication of storage tank roof fabrication.

And Finally we want share link of our Android Application for calculating full cone layout by numerical method in faster way. we had made this tool for use of this concept in your mobile for minimize your daily fabrication work.

Cone Layout App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pinjara_imran5290.Cone_Layout

Practical Example for Full Cone Layout Development:

Develop layout for the Cone having Diameter 800 mm and height 1000 mm.

Tan γ = h / r = 1000 / 400 ;
γ = 68.19 degree.
R= r / cos (γ) = 400 / cos (68.19) = 1076.6 mm
β= (r / R)*360 = (400 / 430.8) * 360 = 133.7 degree;
Cord length = 2*R*sin(β/2)=2*1076.66*sin(133.7/2) = 1980 mm.

By using above calculated values we can layout full cone by Numerical Method.

please share this post and application for those who are in field of fabrication and also give your suggestion making new tools ease of fabrication methods.

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